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AIRSAFE resprator.

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FERRINO ACTIVE PROTECTION DEVICE AIR SAFE is a device that allows breathing under snow in the case of a burial avalanche. AIR SAFE protects the airway from possible obstructions. AIR SAFE exploits the air present in the snow (up to 60% of the volume), taking it at the front of the body and expelling it in the dorsal part, thus avoiding the saturation of CO2, and increasing the survival time. Arising out of the collaboration with the Mountain Medicine Clinic of Aosta Hospital and the SNATE (Italian School of Alpine Rescue Technicians). AIR SAFE has the following advantages, compared with exsisting models on the market: • Group of dynamic anti-freeze valves • Anatomical mouthpiece with natural breathing teeth-grip • Hissing is eliminated with obvious psychological advantages • Anti-choke tubes CERTIFIED IN COMPLIANCE WITH EN 89/686/ECC


 WEIGHT (Kg/g)490 g

AIR SAFE acts immediately to preserve the airways from possible blockage during the avalache and then it prevents the user from breathing in air that is saturated with carbon dioxide and suffocating as a result. Through the anatomical mouthpiece, the air breathed in from the front of the body is then expellend to the back. And it is thanks to this intelligent management of the air present in the snow, AIR SAFE allows a person to continue to breathe while awaiting rescue, increasing the probability of survival. 
ANTI-FREEZE BALL VALVE The valves are made using low-density plastic balls weighing about 1 gram. The extreme light weight and precision of the balls guarantee fast, effective switchovers and make breathing easy and natural. Thanks to the user's movement, the balls in the valves keep moving, even when the AIR SAFE is not in use and this feature, which has been especially developed together with reduced ball body contact with the sides, prevents freezing up to the tested temperatures of -40°C. 


ANATOMICAL MOUTHPIECE The anatomical mouthpiece in silicone makes it possible to use the AIR SAFE device safely: thanks to its special shape, it can be gripped tightly between the teeth, drastically cutting the risk that it can slip out during an avalanche. The soft silicone used allows the teeth to grip the mouthpiece without damage.

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AIRSAFE resprator.